Wellbeing, Support & Guidance

At St Philip Howard the Headteacher is assisted in the planning and delivery of effective pastoral care by an experienced team comprising of the Senior Leadership Team, the individual Heads of Year, SENCO, Family Support Worker, Pastoral Support Officer and the Form Tutors.

The Form Tutors represent the primary point of contact at SPH and will deal with the majority of questions or concerns that may arise. For more serious issues, the Head of Year is there to support you and your child, both in terms of their academic progress and for any significant pastoral issues that may arise. You can contact your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year by phone, email, letter or by writing a note in your child’s Planner.

Head of Year 7/Pastoral Manager – Mrs Urquhart

Head of Year 8 – Mrs C Aitken

Head of Year 9 – Mr S World

Head of Year 10 – Ms J Nash

Head of Year 11– Ms C Neves

SENCO – Miss V Wright

Each Tutor Group will be assigned to one of the Academy’s Houses, (Southwell, Campion, Clitherow, Fisher) and will participate in Year Group assemblies and inter – house events within these groupings, strengthening the links with, and working with all members of the wider SPH community.

Each form will undertake a wide variety of House competitions throughout the year, and will participate in supporting charities both locally and world – wide. This charity work is an important part of live at St Philip Howard. Pupils can earn credits, which not only attract personal recognition through the awarding of Credits and the like, but also contribute to each House’s total credits for the year.

Form Time

Each student spends 15 minutes of every morning with their Form and Form Tutor. An Act of Worship takes place during this period and pupils also take part in an assembly at least once a week. It is extremely important that every child is on time and present at every Form Period, as it is here that their daily attendance is officially registered and where they are given important messages and/ or letters for parents or carers.

They engage in a variety of structured activities during this dedicated Form Time, including a daily ‘Uniform and Equipment’ check which helps ensure that the highest of personal standards are maintained.

“Staff and pupils commented on the positive relationships within the school, which are founded on genuine respect for each other.” – DCI Report, 2018