Work Experience

When is work experience and how long does it last?

Work experience is a one week only programme which begins on the 1st July 2024.

There may be some flexibility around these dates in exceptional circumstances. (Check with school before organising anything)

Once you have found a placement

You need to complete both forms on the right hand side of this page. Alternatively, ask your tutor or Mr Pacey for the forms).

School will then check health and safety at your chosen placement to ensure it is safe.

Ask your placement for the information needed to complete Work Placement Form – WEX2.  Employers liability details are very important! The placement supervisor, parent and student, must sign off this form when completed.  It should then be returned to school.

Please make sure Work Experience Consent Form – WEX1 is also returned to school.

If you still need help finding a placement

Log in to the Derbyshire Work Experience Database of past placements.

The database can be used to search for possible placements who can be contacted by phone/email or personal visits.  DO NOT apply directly through the website.

To access the database, click on the button below.

Your username is your name – for example: johnsmith (lowercase first name and last name, with no space inbetween)

Password is Sph23!