Your Catering Service

Derbyshire Catering Service are proud to provide the catering service at St Philip Howard Catholic Academy.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to providing you with nutritionally balanced meals that exceed government legislation on school food and also meet the strict quality criteria required to ensure that our menus are accredited with the Food for Life Award. This means that you can rest assured that the meals that we serve are freshly prepared on site and use fresh, locally sourced ingredients which are free from undesirable trans fats, sweeteners and additives. Most importantly of all we serve foods that you enjoy.

Our menus exceed current Government School Food Standards and offer:

  • freshly prepared meals
  • British Farm Assured meat
  • Variety across the week
  • Reduced sugar recipes
  • Whole grain products
  • No undesirable additives or artificial trans fats

The menus are accredited with the Food for Life Catering Mark. They are annually scrutinised to ensure they continually meet the criteria regarding provenance and preparation of the food.

The Service

At St Philip Howard Catholic Academy we have a spacious dining area with a large counter serving a selection of:

  • Traditional meals
  • Sandwiches/wraps/baguettes
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Hot & cold pasta
  • Home-made desserts, fresh fruit, yoghurt
  • Drinks

Meal deals change daily and are made up of a balanced two course meal including a drink. Desserts include a daily hot or cold special, yoghurt or fresh fruit. A variety of healthier drinks are on offer with fresh drinking water readily available.

The free school meal allowance for secondary students is £3.00 per day. This is automatically credited to the pupil’s account and allows them to take advantage of the £3.00 Meal Deal. Monies not used from this allowance can’t be rolled over to the next day. Additional monies can be credited if desired.

The Menu

Your menu in school has been chosen and created by the student council in discussion with our Menu Development Officer. Following a specially created template with training and guidance the menu meets the strict regulations of Government Food Standards and Food for Life catering mark. The liaison with the student council means that the menu is unique to the school and will be even more enjoyable for all students.

We have a process to safely provide medical diets to those who need it. Just contact Katie Woods on 01629 536702 or email for further information.

Make sure you check the menu boards and view our latest promotions in the dining room as we regularly have special theme days to introduce new and exciting flavours from around the world.

Our meals are cooked by trained chefs who use ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources. So you can be assured that our meals really are the very best they can be.

We use:

  • British farm assured meat
  • Fair trade products
  • Free range eggs
  • Reduced sugar recipes
  • Wholegrain products

To meet the Governments School Food Standards, we are unable to serve:

  • Chocolate bars/confectionary
  • Crisps
  • Nuts
  • Fizzy drinks – unless they contain more 50% fruit juice and are combined with carbonated spring water.

Please visit our website to find out more, alternatively if you have a query please fill in the “contact us” section:

How to Pay

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