Catholic Life in School

School Prayer

Dear Father,

As we begin each day on our SPH journey, help us to come together, safely, selflessly and with kindness as a united family. 

On our journey, help us to realise the potential of our God given talents with your example at the heart of all that we do.

On our journey, help us to be respectful to all and embrace the uniqueness of everyone we greet.

On our journey, help us to be unified in our values and supported by guidance so we make the best choices.

On our journey, help us to be inspired to learn, grow and develop through our passion for learning and drive to succeed.

When we succeed in our journey, help us to be thankful for the care of everyone in the SPH Team.

St Philip Howard,

Pray for Us.

The Bishop’s Vision and Themes

Bishop Patrick has shared his vision for our diocese and has encouraged all of us in Catholic schools and parishes to consider three themes: ‘Encounter’, ‘Discipleship’ and ‘Missionary Discipleship’.

Key events celebrated in the Liturgical Calendar

Please see the attached document for the key events

Extra Ordinary

See our photos below from Ash Wednesday

Our Gospel Values and Virtues

The Gospel Values we promote are:

Faith – truth, fidelity, tradition, doctrine, prayer, revelation, reading scripture

Service – commitment, caring, concern, involvement, empathy, almsgiving

Courage – sacrifice, self-denial, fortitude, restraint, discipline, patience, temperance

Justice – courage, risk, human dignity, stewardship, prophecy, interdependence, peace-seeking, equal distribution of goods, fortitude, empathy

Hope – optimism, confidence, joy, realism, providence, trust, prophecy

Love –

  • towards God – reverence, worship, submission, prayer;
  • towards self – self-esteem, prudence, temperance, creativity;
  • towards others – care, concern, respect, acceptance

Reconciliation – forgiveness, mercy, compassion, humility, conflict resolution, work to eliminate evil, love of enemy

Community – personal dignity, belonging, equality, fellowship, trust, care

Recent Church Initiatives

The Synod

A synod: A Council of a church, usually convened to decide an issue of doctrine, administration or application.

In this case, this Synod isn’t about changing the Church’s doctrine, nor about finding the ‘right’ answers to questions.

Pope Francis is asking us to dream what the Church could be, and to walk together into God’s future, where that Church becomes a reality.

Let us pray that we can dream with, listen to, and journey together with as many of our communities as possible, so that together we help to build up the Church in our diocese, and pass that message, loud and clear, to the bishops of England and Wales, and then to the Pope himself.

During the period of the Synod:

  • Posters with the synod prayer are displayed on Form noticeboards.
  • Prayer cards are given to all Students and Staff.
  • The Synod prayer is said at the beginning and end of each day.

The importance of this is explained to Students and that the purpose of this prayer is for us to come together as community to pray for our future and that our hopes for the church become a reality.

School Synod Questions    Diocesan Synodal Timeline    Diocesan Synodal Timeline Notes