School Uniform

General Requirements

What we expect from everyone

Our Academy uniform is smart and distinctive and should be worn with pride.

We expect an excellent personal appearance and behaviour to be maintained by every student at all times during the school day and on their journey to and from school. It is NOT to wear trainers, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops, hoodies or denim jackets, nail varnish, make-up, jewellery or anything that is not on the list you received in the prospectus.

All items of uniform should be clean and well kept. The rules on uniform have not changed at all – you will certainly be informed by the school if any alteration to school uniform is proposed.

Skirts should be of a reasonable length and shorts/cycling shorts are not permitted under skirts. Trousers for girls should be smart tailored trousers and must be of a design, which allows shirts to be properly tucked inside. No hairstyles which are ‘extreme’ are allowed – this is as per the guidance on Page 11 of the student planner. Leggings and close fitting trousers are not suitable.

All students should wear black shoes. Trainers are not to be worn except for P.E.

A Reasonable outdoor coat is recommended – it is not acceptable for students to wear leather, denims, track suit top, sweatshirt, coloured shirts worn as coats.

As Summer approaches and temperatures increase, the Headteacher will declare that jumpers are not compulsory to be worn.

Year 7 to 10

  • Maroon Blazer with the school crest.
  • Plain white blouse and approved school tie.
  • Maroon V-neck jumper with the school crest.
  • Sensible black shoes – high heels and platform heels are not suitable.
  • Socks – white/black/maroon or tights
  • Black skirt, no more than two inches above knee line, or tailored
  • Trousers; not jeans, cords, ski pants, bootleg trousers, leggings etc
  • Black Tailored Shorts

Year 11

  • Black V-neck jumper with the school crest
  • Black skirt, no more than two inches above knee line, or tailored trousers; not jeans, cords, ski pants, bootleg trousers, leggings etc
  • Black Tailored Shorts
  • ‘Sensible’ black shoes with no obvious logos
  • Black Calf or Knee Length Socks.

Year 7 to 10

  • Maroon Blazer with the school crest.
  • Plain white shirt and approved school tie.
  • Maroon V-neck jumper with the school crest.
  • Black trousers (NOT jeans or cords)
  • Sensible black shoes
  • Socks – White/grey/other dark colour

Year 11

  • Black V-neck jumper with the school crest.
  • Black Trousers; not jeans, cords, sweat pants etc.
  • ‘Sensible’ black shoes with no obvious logos.
  • Black socks.

P.E. KIT – The Essentials

  • Black or white approved Polo shirt with school crest.
  • Plain black PE shorts.
  • Trainers or plimsolls.
  • Black socks.
  • Optional approved sweatshirt with school crest.

P.E. Kit – Additional

  • A plain black track-suit where P.E. staff say it is appropriate for winter – no logos or designer outfits.

Ties, jumper with school crest and all items of P.E. kit can be purchased from school.

A current price list is included.

Physical Education is a National Curriculum subject and all students are required to participate in the course

All students are required to shower unless there is a confirmed medical reason for not doing so.

Hair and Make-Up

Pupils are expected to wear hair in a neat and acceptable style. Hair must be of one colour, and natural in appearance. Hair styles must not be cut below a number two. Hair styles judged to be extreme by the Headteacher are not permitted. Hair fashion accessories are also not to be worn.

Make up, including coloured nail varnish, lip gloss and fake tan, is not to be worn.  False nails and other beauty accessories are not acceptable. If hair bands are worn they should be black only.

Pupils who do not conform to the Academy’s uniform and appearance policy will be sanctioned in line with our behaviour policy.

The Headteacher reserves the right to make the final decision on what is or what is not appropriate.


Watches and one small stud earring in each ear lobe are the only pieces of jewellery permitted at SPHCVA.

The Academy does not take any responsibility for the loss of or the damage to personal possessions brought on to site. Large amounts of money or items of value (including personal audio equipment, electronic games or jewellery [such as Smart Watches, Tablets or iPads]. Such items will be confiscated by staff. The property can then be obtained by parents from the Visitors reception.

Mobile Phones

We advise that pupils do not bring mobile devices into the Academy. Mobile devices and headphones must not be visible. However, we do recognise that some parents may wish their child to have a mobile device with them as they travel to and from SPHCVA.

Any mobile devices brought in should both switched off and put away as soon as they enter the school premises.

We do not take any responsibility for loss or damage to mobile devices. If a pupils mobile device is seen whilst on the premises then it will be confiscated without notice. Once confiscated they will be returned at the end of the school day. If confiscated a second time then parents will be expected to collect the mobile phone from the school office.

Should you need to contact your child in an emergency, please use the main Academy number 01457 853611.


Evidence shows that in order to develop organisational skills and independence, along with life skills that lead on from this, you must come to school appropriately equipped.

At SPH, we have high standards and expectations in all areas and this should also be evidenced in the way in which you organise yourself as a student.  You must attend school appropriately equipped and ready to learn so that you fulfil a ‘memorable and successful journey’.

The equipment that you are required to bring to school daily to aid your organisation and engage in all activities in lessons includes:

  • A school bag
  • Your school planner
  • Your CUSP Bookmark
  • Two or more black or blue biro/ball-point pens
  • A Scientific calculator
  • A ruler (ideally 30 cm)
  • A Pencil
  • A Pencil sharpener
  • Coloured pencils

Additional equipment that will also be used on a regular basis includes the following*:

  • A glue-stick
  • Red biro/ ballpoint pen
  • Purple biro/ ballpoint pen

*It would be highly beneficial for you to come to school with the above so that you can ensure all work is neatly presented and you can self/ peer assess and make improvements to your work.

“Pupils’ behaviour is a strength. They show consideration to others and have a strong sense of right and wrong. They are enthusiastic in supporting fundraising campaigns for a range of local and national causes.” – DCI Report, 2018