In order for us to ensure students to develop a ‘passion for learning’ and have a ‘memorable and successful journey’, they must be able to engage in all aspects of learning on offer to them and, be able to take part in all tasks or activities.

We believe that students should come to school with the correct equipment as it is one of the key steps which supports students to become ‘organised and independent’ lifelong learners.

If students do not come to school appropriately equipped, then it will have an impact on their organisational skills and engagement.

Form Tutors and Class Teachers can support students where necessary but, expectations for equipment are to ensure students become independent and resilient. Students must take responsibility for organising themselves and, where there are persistent issues with this, sanctions will follow in line with the Behaviour Policy. (Debits and detentions where necessary).

The equipment that students are required to bring to school daily is as follows:

  • School bag
  • School Planner
  • CUSP Bookmark
  • Two or more black or blue biro/ball-point pens
  • Scientific calculator
  • Ruler (ideally 30 cm)
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Coloured pencils

Additional equipment that will also be used on a regular basis includes the following:

  • A glue-stick
  • Red biro/ ballpoint pen
  • Purple biro/ ballpoint pen

*It would be highly beneficial for students to come to school with the above items so that they can ensure all work is neatly presented and they are able to self/ peer assess and make improvements to their work.